Terra Medicus offers businesses, community organizations, and individuals with the most up-to-date information and training. We are proud to be a Training Site for the American Heart Association, a Training Center for the American Safety and Health Institute, and a licenced provider for the American Red Cross. These designations allows us to meet the need of our clients in different major sectors across the U.S.

Ismael has a long history in the medical field. Beginning as a lifeguard in his teens sparked an interest to pursue his Emergency Medical Technician State certification and work for a private ambulance service. This opportunity led him to be offered a position with the county department in Tallahassee, FL. He opted to work and take a position at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital emergency room department – the only level 1 trauma center in the city. This was an amazing opportunity to learn, practice and grow his training to become lead Nurse Specialty Technician while also taking time to upgrade to a Wilderness EMT in Suwanee, Tennessee for fun. Working in trauma not only gave him many opportunities to perform CPR and help save lives but also deal with major injuries like gunshot wounds, broken bones, and massive bleeding, assisting in minor surgery, delivering a baby and much more. He later worked teaching for the Red Cross and with the American Heart Association as a Life Support Instructor at Miami Children’s Hospital. His experience and passion for teaching led him to open Terra Medicus. He is involved with the American Heart Association as a CPR Advocate in NYC and often volunteers for CPR presentations, TV, and radio interviews, the annual Heart Walk and was invited in 2019 to lobby in Washington, DC on behalf of the AHA.